Usefull Article: Ten SEO Mistakes Made on Database Driven Websites

Search engine friendly websites is one of those often heard phrases, both from web site development companies and from their clients. Everyone knows that this is important to have, and yet it is one of the things that is actually often overlooked.

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Top 10 Web hosting Companies

Today I visited, I wanted to see who is at the top. It was surprising to see that my dear friends were at 7th. I could not believe it. How this come a bad service at 7th. Anyhow, actually I wanted to see companies like there in top 10. Unluckily I was not able to find it.

Why I said this, that I was disappointed to not finding in top 10, because I think they deserve it to be at top, at least I wanted to see them there in top ten. Because:

they :

  • Got superb control panel called cPanel, very easy to use, however nothing is perfect but it is better then any platform, I have worked on.
  • they got great and very friendly and more, professional Support. I never wait more than two minutes in que to be responded.
  • If you want to see the solution, please try the 24 hour Support of, Great.
  • Offline/email support, very quick and positive. If I compare to, My God don’t ask about it!.
  • I am hosting my website at lunarpages since last three years, and during this period I never have major or minor outage.
  • there packages are very reasonable and compatible with any top providers.

Thanks Lunarpages, I am very proud to say that I am hosting on a great, top quality, and reliable hosting company.

If you are looking for a great hosting services, I think you should try You will not be dissappointed.

An example of “bad” hosting and their Support

Few readers or competitors might have noticed that was dropped in almost all search engines. Let me provide you details about the mishap.

 I am using hosting of, initially they were using vDeck 1.0 program, then they started changing it to vDeck 3.0. About four months ago. During this transition faced lot of small outages. However, I kept my site up-to-date and I brought my site on top 10 position of all search engines.  During last four months their support was very bad and very slow, believe me I never got response three hours before on online chat service, I used to wait hours and hors to be answered. Even if I was lucky and found some one after three four hours, but they never gave SOLUTION. At the end I corrected the faults myself.

What was reason of recent outage?

Actually, thanks to some one who visited my via an strange referrer. It surprised me., that visitor came on my site via “”. I remember that I never created such a link or sub domain. To find out, I put this address in browser and what I found that actually it was pointing to my As I was very careful to avoid any duplication of contents, this scenario alarmed me, and then started investigation. During this investigation, finally I found that what ever you type between http:// and it was directing me on the home page of

I contacted ipower (hosting provider of my site, note: it was almost impossible to get them live, so I send them message via offline support). After 24 hours I received response that my domain is set to wildcard (* That means if your domain is set with wild card all miss-spelled or any word before your domain will direct the visitor to your site.  I found it very good but because I am a search engine optimization service provider and SEO experts, though will be negative as far as Search Engines are concerned. However I discussed with Google Experts at webmasters central discussion boards of Google. In fact they asked me to remove it ASAP to avoid distribution of PR between various pages and more to avoid the Google’s penalization.

 After above suggestions from experts I asked ipower to remove the wild card and to resolve this issue my site was remained offline maximum time during last two weeks. But they never solved my problem, every day I was losing the position in search engines and it was making me very sorry about the selection of my hosting service. Yesterday, I took lead and asked ipower to stop their efforts and let me my own. After this, I went inside the account and perform checks step by step. Finally after three hours I was able to disable the so called wild card.

So here it is, my website is up and working very fine. Thanks to my team and their expertise that makes me to resolve such a issue which ipower, a large hosting provider was failed.

No problem, as far as search engine position is concerned I would bring it back with in a week.

Please if you are thinking for new hosting service, please think 100 times before selecting one for yourself, otherwise you might face same or alike problems and you might not have team like mine.

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LakhoSoft’s position in SERPs of top search engines after three days

Once again I want to show you the latest status of our websites in top search engines, like google, msn, yahoo and

Following results are based on the search term “search engine optimization service provider”.

Click on the following thumbnail of the Google SERP and you will see that our blog is at 2nd position, the sub page of blog is at third position and our business website is at 4th.

search engine optimization

Click on the following thumbnail of the Yahoo SERP and you will see that our blog is at 1st position while our business website is at 7th.

search engine optimization yahoo

Click on the following thumbnail of the MSN SERP and you will see that our business website is at top.

search engine optimization msn

Click on the following thumbnail of the Altavista SERP and you will see that our blog is at 1st position while our business website is at 6th.

search engine optimization altavista

From these results you can see that we know search engine optimization and web development with quality very well, though our SEO life is not long, one can say that we are infants. But we delever quality over quantity.

If you are looking for quality seo services feel free to visit our business site or contact us at

SEO Foot Prints of LakhoSoft Google, Yahoo, msn, Altavista

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to show you, few results of our search engine optimization of our blog and website, the targetted key word was “search engine optimization service provider”.

In Top Ten of Google:

Following is the Picture of first page of google SERPs showing position of our blog and our website, in this you can see our blog at 3rd position, while our website at 4th position:

 lakhosoft at google

In Top Ten of Yahoo:

Following is the screen shot of first page of yahoo showing position of our blog, in this you can see our blog at 3rd position:

lakhosoft blog at yahoo

Following is the screen shot of first page of yahoo showing position of our website, in this you can see our website at 10th position:

lakhosoft at yahoo

In Top Ten of MSN:

Following is the screen shot of first page showing position of our website, in this you can see our website at 9th position:

lakhosoft at MSN

In Top Ten of Altavista:

Following is the screen shot of first page of Altavista showing position of our blog site, in this you can see our blog at third position:


Following is the screen shot of first page of altavista showing position of our web site, in this you can see our website at ninth position:

lakhosoft at altavista

if you want to see same search engine results for your website, then feel free to visit our search engine optimization services website or contact us at

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of Readers of this blog of mine.

It was very good year for me and my team as far as the learning of SEO is concerned, which has created confidence in our team. What we are writing and publishing here is the result of that experience we achieved in 2007. 

Also I would like to thank you all the readers for the support you gave us last year, I am sure you will support us this year as well.

This year we will be wrting more, so please stay tunned.

Following are pictorial facts about the LakhoSoft:

Here I am!

Nawaz Lakho

My office was established in Mid of 2007:

lakhosoft office 01

Another View of Office of LakhoSoft:

LakhoSoft Office 02

Software Engineer’s room:

LakhoSoft office 03

Here you can see that our company Identity is visible:

LakhoSoft Identity

My little Girl in Office:

Qandeel in Office

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